Mitläufer-Syndrom (new Swizz single)
Posted April 22, 2022

Meine neue Single MITLÄUFER SYNDROM wurde heute soeben veröffentlicht. Anlass und Inspiration sind die aktuellen Zeiten und wie steuerbar die Massen durch die Medien sind.

I just released a new Swizz single. No worries, I’m going to release the first songs of my upcoming album (in EN) pretty soon.


Based in Zurich, Marty McKay is a vocalist, orchestrator, writer and conceptual artist. His work delves deeply into personal psychology, critical thinking and socio critical paradigms. Starting in the early 2000’s, McKay has built an impressive body of work which includes multiple albums, global tours, and even an illustrated adult fiction novella.

Marty first introduced himself to the world as a hip hop DJ, but a long simmering desire to express himself vocally led him into rapping and singing. Finding solace in lyrical expression, McKay absorbed as much information as he could, reading endless books and articles to help him better understand the minds of the people around him. As a result, he developed an uncanny ability to put life’s struggles into words.

In 2004, McKay got his first big break touring Europe and US with the legendary Vanilla Ice. This brought him heightened exposure and new experiences to bring to his creative output. Inspired by his travels, he started to branch out into other styles, allowing alt rock melodies to blend with his well established aggressive hip hop. He released two independent albums; the gerne bending Sin’s Disciple in 2014 and the modern rock New York City Dreams in 2017.

In 2018, McKay has teamed up with his long time friend Canibus, a one of hip hop’s greatest lyricists, to release a an EP series entitled Matrix Theory. The EP’s are intended to redefine the role of a rapper in the modern world. Its creators show no interest in the lavish lifestyle that motivates many of the peers, but instead are driven by a desire to open their audience’s eyes to the frightening reality of the modern world. In the meantime, Marty produced over 15 high quality music videos.

McKay started releasing new singles from his upcoming album Forbidden Flame, where he created a new sub-genre he calls Romance Rap.


Despite today’s global rise in consciousness, we find most popular music is lacking in substance and meaning. In our world, lyrics matter!
D'Fassade Bricht [01/28/22]
01. D'Fassade Bricht

Ungimpft [09/17/21]
01. Ungimpft

Die Hymne gegen die perfide Impf-Propaganda. Nein heisst nein!

Matrix Theory V with Canibus [07/30/21]
01. Rat Race
02. Fear feat. Locksmith & Chino XL
03. Political Correctness (Remix) feat. Copywrite & Mad Squablz
04. Waking Moment
05. Wrath

Schwiz Wach Uf! [05/28/21]
01. Schwiz Wach Uf!

The song reached the number 1 in the Swizz iTunes charts and became one of the biggest songs in 2021!

Forbidden Flame [01/25/21]
01. Evanescent
02. Can't Escape
03. Closer
04. Emotional Affair
05. Flipside
06. Fly Away
07. Ghosted
08. Golden Cage
09. In A World I Don't Belong
10. Somewhere Far
11. Burn With Desire

A journey into his deepest feelings, fears and thoughts. Marty McKay created with this album a new sub-genre called romance rap!

V for Vaccine with Canibus [04/01/21]
01. V for Vaccine with Canibus [04/01/21]

Closer [08/28/20]
01. Closer

Can't Escape [06/29/20]
01. Can't Escape

Matrix Theory IV with Canibus [01/20/20]
01. Killing Me Softly
02. A Cure For Wellness (Remix) feat. Chino XL
03. Divide And Conquer
04. Hive Mind

Matrix Theory I with Canibus [12/10/18]
01. The Warning (Intro)
02. The Matrix
03. Agent Smith ft. Wrekonize & Chris Rivers
04. Drugs Make The World Go Round ft. Rootwords

Matrix Theory I is part of an EP series. Each song describes how you're potentially controlled or manipulated. Time to wake up!

New York City Dreams [02/24/17]
01. Escape
02. Empire Town
03. Out Of The Blue
04. When The Lights Go Out
05. Into The Fire
06. Love Suicide
07. Another Life
08. Outta Sight Outta Mind
09. Until The Pain Is Gone

Marty McKay breaks the sound barriers once again with his upcoming release, New York City Dreams. Drawing on more melodic rock beats while still expressing the hard, angry edge he's known for, McKay uses this project as an exploration into the implications of modern society and the shrapnel of broken dreams.

Sin's Disciple [03/28/14]
01. Darkness Surrounds You
02. Untouchable
03. Can't Get Enough
04. I Want Your Life
05. Turn Up My Sex
06. Emptiness Returns
07. Sin
08. Illusion Of Power
09. Who Can You Trust?
10. Unleashed Rage
11. Agony Will Do
12. Givin' Up
13. The Aftermath

Seven Deadly Sins concept album. A combination of drum-driven beats carrying elements of hip-hop together with orchestral strings, emotion-inducing melodies, heavy guitars and wide-ranged vocals.

This mind-blowing crossover album is a unique fusion of musical genres that will whisk you away to another world. With a unique, custom-made sound, this album is a journey that begins with Track 1 and ends in the deepest contemplation. Strap yourself in for the emotional roller coaster ride on Marty McKay’s dynamic soundtrack, Sin’s Disciple.


Dante's Disciple (with David McAfee)

Scott Norton is on a mission to rid post-apocalyptic Sunder City of its rampant corruption and crime. In a story that mirrors some of today’s most courageous whistle-blowers, Scott Norton uses his computer as his only weapon against the powerful and elite residing in the city’s underbelly.

Danger finally catches up with Scott and he soon finds himself pulled into a vortex of grief, crime, deceit and fear. He is forced to look inward and reevaluate his own direction, to explore The Seven Deadly Sins and their influence on his life…and to discover the virtues that are waiting for him on the other side.

Follow Scott Norton’s journey to the bottom in this captivating illustrated work of adult fiction. This book is a collaboration with David McAfee and the Project 7 Creative Team. Illustrated by one of DC and Marvel Comic’s most talented artists, it runs in parallel to the messages delivered in Marty McKay’s original album, Sin’s Disciple.

Available in e-book format and special Amazon paperback edition!

Read an excerpt


Multiscreen Madness feat. Canibus
Nightmare (Chester Bennington Tribute)
The Matrix feat. Canibus
Empire Town
Indigo Breeze feat. Canibus



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