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V for Vaccine: new single with Canibus

December 13, 2020 7:27 pm Published by

Public service announcement: my new song V for Vaccine with the one and only Canibus will be out JAN 4th 2021 (due to holidays) on all digital platforms. You can already watch the brand new and controversial music video on my Youtube Channel.

“Vaccine hesitancy” in the face of $4 billion paid out in vaccine injuries. But do not doubt that there is a million dollar marketing campaign coming after your common sense very soon. The mumps vaccine—considered the fastest ever approved—took four years to go from collecting viral samples to licensing a drug in 1967. You’re not discovering longterm side effects like autism or cancer in a few months, even if Bill Gates throws in all his money. We’re avoiding GMO food and get an mRNA vaccine instead, makes sense.

This new music’s (as well as the Matrix Theory) main function is to support those that are already awake or are on the cusp of it, who are open, asking questions and seeking answers. If you STILL don’t get it – because you just don’t care, you’re a young soul or maybe because you are a high IQ arrogant left-brain prisoner with zero intuition & zero EQ, like Sheldon… live and let die, maybe next time.


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